Our Sister Céline Bourbeau (Saint-Daniel) died on May 8. She was born in March 21 1923 in the city of St-Hyacinthe, Québec. Céline joined the MIC in 1947 and lived her mission in Canada and Japan.

Funerals in Pont-Viau, May 16, 1h 45

Our Sister Clotilde Teasdale (Alice-de-Jésus) died on April 11. She was born in January 4th 1927 in the city of Ste-Clotilde-de-Horton, Québec. Clotilde joined the MIC in 1952 and lived her mission in Canada and Haiti.


Funerals in Pont-Viau, April 24

MIC deceased in 2019

Marguerite Simard, m.i.c.

January 15

Cipriana Ccahuana, m.i.c.

4 mars


MIC deceased in 2018

Thérèse Blais Guay, m.i.c. 7 avril

M-Paule Durocher, m.i.c. 19 mai

Gemma De Grandpré, m.i.c. 10 juillet

Monique Cloutier, m.i.c. 13 juillet

Réjane Gaudet, m.i.c. 9 août

Marguerite Roy, m.i.c. 8 novembre

M-Jeanne Dumas, m.i.c. 28 novembre

Thérèse Giroux, m.i.c. 16 décembre

Marcelline Gilbert, m.i.c. 21 décembre