Our Sister Andrée Ménard (Andrée-du-Sauveur) died on November 13. She was born in February 20 1926 in the city of Montreal. Andrée joined the MIC in 1950 and lived her mission in Canada and Japan.


Funerals in Pont-Viau, November 23, 14h

Our Sister Yolande Sin died in Hong Kong on November 5. She was born in December 20, 1935 in the city of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Yolande joined the MIC in 1965 and lived her mission in Hong Kong, Canada and Taiwan.

MIC deceased in 2019

Marguerite Simard, m.i.c.

January 15

Cipriana Ccahuana, m.i.c.

4 mars

Marie-Paule Roy, m.i.c.

March 25

Clotilde Teasdale, m.i.c.

April 11

Céline Bourbeau, m.i.c.

May 8

Colette Rouleau, m.i.c.

June 5

Marguerite Legault, m.i.c.

July  16

Marie-Hélène Roy, m.i.c.

October 4

Agripina Fernande, m.i.c.

October 31


MIC deceased in 2018

Thérèse Blais Guay, m.i.c. 7 avril

M-Paule Durocher, m.i.c. 19 mai

Gemma De Grandpré, m.i.c. 10 juillet

Monique Cloutier, m.i.c. 13 juillet

Réjane Gaudet, m.i.c. 9 août

Marguerite Roy, m.i.c. 8 novembre

M-Jeanne Dumas, m.i.c. 28 novembre

Thérèse Giroux, m.i.c. 16 décembre

Marcelline Gilbert, m.i.c. 21 décembre