Authentic success is different for each of us. No single definition fits all because we come in all sizes. One autumn afternoon years ago, while wandering through an abandoned cemetery, I discovered a wonderful definition of authentic success inscribed on the headstone of a woman who died in 1820: "The only pain she ever caused was when she left us." Authentic success is having time enough to pursue personal pursuits that bring you pleasure, time enough to make the loving gestures for your fam¬ily you long to do, time enough to care for your home, tend your garden, nurture your soul. Authentic success is never having to tell yourself or those you love, "maybe next year." Authentic success is knowing that if today were your last day on earth, you could leave without regret. Authentic success is feeling focused and serene when you work, not frag¬mented. It's knowing that you've done the best that you possibly can, no matter what circumstances you faced; it's knowing in your soul that the best you can do is all you can do, and that the best you can do is always enough.
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Lord… When will you come to ask me : "Thérèse, may I have this last dance?" Then will you be kind enough To give me a sign beforehand So that I can go and powder my nose? I want to look nice for that dance Don't you see… so you can be proud of me! I know that one time you said You could come like a thief in the night But you really don't have to come that way, I prefer a gentle yet a hasty tug Letting me know you're there! I know I should always be ready For the Dance… you know it And I know it… but it's just - That I sometimes forget. To dance with you, Lord I must wear the right shoes Don't you understand, Lord? Sometimes my shoes are too tight Give me time to adjust To take off my shoes for a minute! You know my feet are tired From dancing all over two continents For more than 40 years. Give me a minute to let them rest They were hurrying for you… Bringing the Good News to man, woman and child. That's why they're swollen, Dear, dear Lord of the Dance. Just before I step on the floor Let me hum with you A song we sang together as we danced In the morning of my life. Now, lead me on in the dance, I'll follow you wherever you lead me In this last Dance as we glide In the Father's House together! Thérèse LeBlanc, M.I.C
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