These past few years, our consciousness has been awakened by the environmental threats that exist around us. Ecotourism is a new concept which attracts numerous followers and which directs programs offered by travel agencies. But what does it mean exactly? Generally speaking, ecotourism takes into consideration the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. While enjoying and taking in the beauty of nature, eco systems must be protected, and the welfare of the local population must be respected. But, does one need to leave his or her own surroundings to experience ecotourism? For many, travelling is a rare circumstance perhaps because of financial reasons or ill health, for others, it’s a choice. Either way, all travellers eventually come back home and spend more time in their own environment than touring exotic places.
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How much by the hour

A man arrives home one evening tired after a hard day's work to find his 5-year-old son sitting on the front steps. - Dad, can I ask you a question? - Of course you can! - How much do you make an hour? - But that's none of your business, son! - I just want to know. Please tell me! - Well, if you must know. - 35.00 an hour.
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