Escale Myriam or Escale Delia

Escale, or Stopover Perhaps in your house, dear reader, whatever its size, there is a corner that serves as your sanctuary. In our convent in Pont-Viau, I like to go to the Myriam stopover. It is an oasis, a place of rest. I forgot to tell you that the name has changed. Now it’s called the “Escale Delia.” The location has changed too. It was in the eastern part of the building. It is now on the third floor of D Block West. A lot of changes in a very short time. Do you know who lives there? The Sisters! The living monuments! I call them the sparks. Let me tell you their reality. The “escale” is the place of transition between the central house and the infirmary of the MIC Sisters in Quebec. In everyday language, we often hear the expression “to stop over,” to stop for supplies. It is a stop or a pause. It is a situation or a time of transit. It is a stopover or a halt. Moving From February 13 to 24, 2021, the sisters moved from Myriam to Delia. Confined to a corner of the house because of a COVID-19 alert, I could not experience the bulk of the move. A few days later, I went to the escale for my routine visit, my stopover. I found the Sisters so joyful, so radiant, that the idea of sharing came to me. They are all sparks, each in her own way. I wanted a variety of testimonies, which explains my choices of one Sister who used to work in counseling in Chile, one in education in Haiti and the third in pastoral work in Malawi. I asked each one: How did you experience the move?
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