When transmitting, the patience of the transmitter is essential to allow the other to develop at his own pace. How do we inhabit OUR world? What do we pass on to OUR world? Do we have the time to make our children aware of the inescapable SOLIDARITY that should animate US? Do we care about the future of this world that has been entrusted to us? Do the numerous "shipwrecks" that we are currently witnessing, both near and far, bother us? Are we so entrenched in our comfort and success that we forget about OUR world? Are we aware of the uprooting caused by the winds, the waters, the powerful of this world and the generalized affronts imposed on human dignity? Millions of human beings, including thousands of children, were well rooted in their corner of the world, often happy and fulfilled. Now they are cruelly uprooted and violated, forced to abandon everything and seek roots elsewhere, far from their happiness. From the bottom of my heart, I hear the words of the singer and author Christophe Mae: "Where is happiness, where is it? Where is it? The human being is not a tree that I can uproot as I wish because it casts a shadow on my garden and "plant" it elsewhere without worrying about its future. My neighbor is not my servant or my handmaiden, even less my guinea pig or an obstacle on the way to my glory. Every human being is a TRANSMITTER who should accompany the other humans around him or her in order to protect and grow the Life of each and every one. "TRANSMITTING is not imposing our views on others, but revealing them to themselves, awakening them, making them grow in what is best in them. "Where is happiness, where is it?"
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According to Délia, we have to foresee the future, do the best we can to prepare for it and then know how to leave the matter to God. Throw the past into God’s mercy, sanctify the present by a peaceful attention to do all things well, and for the future, commit yourself to the maternal providence of our good Master who can do all things and who loves you. (August 27, 1915) Nothing delays so much as wanting to go too fast because afterwards, endless time must be spent repairing what should not have been done so quickly… (March 12, 1918) To ensure the future and improvement of our little Community, I am prepared to make all the sacrifices. (August 15, 1921)
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