The tourist’s way of looking at things differs from that of the missionary. One admires the exotic pace of the dances and customs whereas the other actually participates in it. Sister Lilia Frondoza, m.i.c. has been living for the past twenty years in the heart of the their joys, their sorrows, their hopes, but above all, empowers them to defend their rights, even at the risk of her own life. By Edita Telan, M.I.C. WHO ARE THE MANGYANS? ‘Mangyan’ is a generic name; it refers to eight indigenous groups who occupy the mountainous region of the Island of Eastern and Western Mindoro, Philippines. A brief history of these ethnic groups will lead us to the apostolic mission of Sr. Lilia, M.I.C and it will give us a new awareness prompting us to respect and protect these peoples.
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Cecilia Hong m.i.c.

Sr. Cecilia Hong was invited by Mr. Rodney Leung of Salt and Light Chinese Channel for an interview on Marriage and Commitments. Sr. Cecilia presented her point of view based on Pope Francis’ recent document Amoris Laetitia and also on her marital and family counselling experiences. Sr. Cecilia pointed out different important aspects of growth and bonding as Couples and encouraged them to keep always a “double lane communication” of unconditional love so that their children will grow up in a loving and forgiving environment. She gave several beautiful testimonies of couples who have lived the Gospel love and raised responsible and loving children and young adults
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