When Fiction Becomes Reality

For a long period of time, the Quebec society lived isolated. However, the arrival of millions of immigrants is an invitation to openness, to mutually welcome the other, thus assuring the harmonious development of the society and benefiting all citizens. The Quebecers’ attitude toward immigrants is a question that has interested me for a long time. Coming from a rural area and a culturally homogeneous neighbourhood, I grew up with the impression that I lived very far. World geography taught me that there are other places besides my village, my region, my province, my country, my religion, my language. What a revelation! I am not at the centre stage of it all. Luckily!
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The Blue Planet, our planet, is in peril. Indeed, global warming is an ever increasing menace to our ecosystems, and has significant consequences for humans. Every day, industrial and human activities produce greenhouse gases which cause an increase in Earth’s temperatures; the impact dramatically affects our planet. By our choices, our life-style, and the ways we consume goods and energy, we contaminate and harm all forms of life including our own human species. That we are destroying this beautiful Mother Earth is an act of disrespect towards our Creator.
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