When Fiction Becomes Reality

For a long period of time, the Quebec society lived isolated. However, the arrival of millions of immigrants is an invitation to openness, to mutually welcome the other, thus assuring the harmonious development of the society and benefiting all citizens. The Quebecers’ attitude toward immigrants is a question that has interested me for a long time. Coming from a rural area and a culturally homogeneous neighbourhood, I grew up with the impression that I lived very far. World geography taught me that there are other places besides my village, my region, my province, my country, my religion, my language. What a revelation! I am not at the centre stage of it all. Luckily!
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Yes, the Light does dwell in us, in all of humanity. That is why the Prophet of Nazareth wished to open the eyes and understanding of his contemporaries not on a religious doctrine but on the meaning of life and the proper way of living life. He affirmed that some are blind but see and others have eyes but do not see. He also said to His disciples: You are the Light of the World (Mt 5:14.16). It was said of Him: A smoldering wick He will not snuff out (Mt 12:20). When sick children, heavily handicapped persons, miners working deep underground, firemen, athletes, extraordinary simple men and women dazzle us, they are LIGHT. When a man, a woman stand tall and strong in the midst of cowardice, they are LIGHT. They help us SEE without imposing whatever.
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