The celebration of the Feast of Pentecost is a great occasion for each one of us to reflect on our individual and community experiences of how the Spirit has transformed us. The first Pentecost, according to Pope Francis, “does not remain only limited to that moment, but is an event that is renewed and renews itself again. Christ, glorified at the right (hand) of the Father, continues to realize His promise. The Holy Spirit teaches us, reminds us and lets us speak with God and with men. There are no muted Christians, mute of soul; no, there is no place for this.” The Pope noted that the work of the Spirit is something “we have all experienced.” It is not only the speech of prayer that the Holy Spirit gives us, but also fraternal dialogue and prophecy, helping us to “speak with friendship, with tenderness,” as “humble and docile channels,” for the Word of God.
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Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, John Grisham, Agatha Christie: authors or film-makers renowned for their suspense stories. A type I enjoy very much. However, it is quite disappointing when we can guess the intrigue from almost the beginning. I prefer remaining on the alert, trying to discover the mystery as the story unfolds. The unexpected always leaves us with a good surprise ending. Has there ever been a greater suspense story than that of our life? Isn’t God the best film-maker there is! Who knows the end of one’s life and thereafter? We suppose the outcome, but no one came back from above to reveal anything to us; however, we believe in Eternal life. That is faith!
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