The God of Long Journeys

It is said that Buddha, Socrates and Jesus were indefatigable walkers; they walked kilometers to meet people, to listen to their stories, to ask them questions, to sympathize with them and help them move forward. These three were convinced of the same truth: Truth is at the core of all human beings and it seeks out its path. The first, the Awakened One, concentrated on meditation to achieve liberation; the second, the Midwife of Souls, used dialogue that led to self-awareness; the third, the Savior, proposed unconditional Love and Forgiveness. Every day, at dawn, these three pillars of humanity taking little with them would begin their walk. To walk was their way of being, their way of living— their hearts were open with no barriers… quite contrary to those lives that are closed because of prejudices, of greed, or of certain dogmas.
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Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission

Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission celebrates today 100th Anniversary of foundation. The MIC Sisters were officially invited by the Parish priest Fr. Joseph Liu. Sr. Cecilia Hong, Sr. Celia Chua and Sr. Monica Lam went in the name of the MIC Sisters. In the afternoon the Sisters attended an entertaining historical presentation of the evolution of the Chinese Mission, Chinese School and Chinese hospital during the past 100 years. The program was well-organized that summarized the different stages of growth of the Montreal Chinese community through dramas, songs, music, dances, poems and PowerPoint projections. All ages from 5 - 90 participated in the event enthusiastically! A few senior parishioners gave special tribute to significant pastors and religious sisters who had dedicated their life for the Chinese Mission especially to Fr. Thomas Tou who had served 60 years for the parish and also to our belated Sr. Charlotte Duramel for her special love and devotion to the Chinese. The PME fathers were also honored for their contribution as pastors.
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Our Dream for the Mission

Giving wings of gratitude to life, our life becomes a challenge of continual transformation beyond exteriority… Hearts that embraces all cultures and peoples, free to truly love and embrace the world with understanding, forgiveness, tolerance and humility to welcome the inner riches of one another as we unfold from buds by night into flowers by day; a capacity to grow each day to see the light shine in the darkness of life`s moments and fly with wings of gratitude and thanksgiving that make us accept and embrace all…
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