Crisis occur one after the other: economical, ecological, social, political and financial. Many countries are affected and there are no long term solutions.


The United Nations is organizing a meeting for next June. It will be known as: Rio+20. In 1992, world leaders came together to Rio de Janeiro for what was popularly known as the “Earth Summit”. At that time, the media greatly publicized the event and the notion of sustainable development was launched. The on-going implementation now needs to be assessed; furthermore, looking into new perspectives is absolutely necessary because the ecological crisis is no longer before us, unfortunately we are undergoing its disastrous consequences to the point of no return. The Civil Society—an aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions including religious communities and Churches, adamantly warn governments to beware of a North-South economic development which aims at higher profits. This kind of race often ignores the rights of the individual and the needs of the poor.

Many Church groups and organizations as well as religious communities are sensitizing their members to the issues of Rio+20 and that which is at stake. The human being must be at the heart of a sustainable development as opposed to the interests of large companies, of the financial world, or of governments. The above groups and organizations affirm that without environmental harmony with all living beings and nature, there can be no healthy productive life. Many wish that the rights of the individual and the protection of natural resources be  recognized as a fact that goes hand in hand. Actually, the earth is our unique abode; to destroy it, to neglect it, to overexploit it, to squeeze it like a lemon, will lead us to our own destruction. The wisdom of the natives teaches us that each decision should be taken in light of its impact for the next seven generations. Have we forgotten their wisdom? Sustainable and equitable development is our future path.

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