Multimedia Service

All those who know the life of Delia Tétreault acknowledge that she was an avant-gardist in the use of the media of her time, mainly of the press, with new experiences with the “magic lantern” (ancestor of the slide projector) as early as 1926. 

It is also possible to affirm that she inspired her close collaborators to use the media to  proclaim the Good news to those who do not know it (M.I.C. Const., No. 2). The Multimedia Centre at the Motherhouse, as it stands in 2002, is the result of the evolution of the work of the  pioneers in this field, who go far back in the past. Who will one day be able to enumerate all the M.I.C. who visited families, schools and parishes, carrying suitcases full of magazines, slides, films and heavy projectors?

The interest and concern of Mother Delia for social communications and their role in Evangelization and  awakening of  missionary awareness are part of our community heritage.  From the “magic lantern” to the digital camera, hundreds of M.I.C. of all ages and of several nationalities have integrated these precious tools in their apostolic activities. Our predecessors blazed the trail and we are happy to pursue it in the tradition of these women of vision. Today, the video and Internet have also taken their place among the means used to transmit Jesus Christ’s  message of love and make visible the signs of the Kingdom at work throughout the life and commitment of the M.I.C.