Meditation and prayers

Winter in all of Our Lives


There is a winter in all of our lives, a chill and darknessthat makes us yearn for days that have gone or put our hope in days yet to be.

Father God, you created seasons for a purpose.  Spring is full of expectation buds breaking frosts abating and an awakening of creation before the first days of summer.
Now the sun gives warmth and comfort to our lives reviving aching joints bringing colour, new life and crops to fruiting.

Autumn gives nature space to lean back, relax and enjoy the fruits of its labour mellow colours in sky and landscape as the earth prepares to rest.

Then winter, cold and bare as nature takes stock rests, unwinds, sleeps until the time is  right.  An endless cycle and yet a perfect model.  We need a winter in our lives  a time of rest, a time to stand still  a time to reacquaint ourselves  with the faith in which we live.
It is only then that we can draw strength  from the one in whom we are rooted take time to grow and rise through the darkness  into the warm glow of your springtime  to blossom and flourish  bring colour and vitality into this world your garden.

Thank you Father  for the seasons of our lives.

- Author Unknown