July-August-September Issue



3 | The Strength of the Roots
– Marie-Paule Sanfaçon, m.i.c.

4 | From the State of the Tree’s Roots to New Growth
– Éric Desautels

6 | Drawing On One’s Roots. Why? How?
What Does That Mean? – Nicole Rochon

8 | Living Your Faith... A Promise for the Future!
– Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c.

10 | Drawing on the Roots of the Gospels to Apologize
– Maurice Demers

12 | Because You Are Precious in My Sight,
You Are Honored and I Love You
– Bernadette St-Paul

14 | On the Road to Autonomy, Thanks to Solidarity
– Monique Fortier, m.i.c.

16 | Changes in Priorities and Apostolic Shifts
– Doris Twyman, m.i.c.

18 | A Matter of Choice – Suzanne Morneau, m.i.c.

20 | A Family with Strong Connections – Natalie Wong

22 | With You, O Lord – Léonie Therrien, m.i.c.


The editorial team, who gathered to reflect on the contents of the summer magazine, was thrilled when one member proposed a major topic: drawing on one’s roots. Immediately, the ideas took shape, and everyone felt affected in different ways.

Bernadette spoke with conviction about family roots. Indeed, children who are close to their grandparents learn little by little the history of their family, which gradually becomes their own history. They put down roots, and discover the strengths and weaknesses that are part of their heritage. Pope Francis has seen the importance of this relationship between grandparents and children. Young people need the wisdom and vision of the elderly, who play a very important role in the family. They are the living roots of family history.

Eric and Maurice have seen the importance and strength of roots in the history of a nation. In Quebec, the awakening of the nation, with the Terre des Hommes world exhibition, the Quiet Revolution, the Vatican II Council—all these novelties gradually called into question the things learned in childhood; hence the need to deepen the value of ancestral roots that form the iden­tity of a people. Moreover, Maurice, is concerned about Indigenous history, where human tragedies are making the headlines and prompting Pope Francis to meet with Indigenous peoples to apologize on behalf of the Church for the mistakes made throughout history. A visit that will help turn the page.

Faced with these difficult times for ancestral values, some people feel shaken in their faith and question everything: why? Nadia analyzes the problem by telling us the story of Rachel, who is currently living in a retirement home and has noticed that many residents are rejecting the faith of their childhood. Why do they do this? Lack of conviction? They feel hurt, cheated. However, those who are deeply rooted in God live fruitful lives whatever the circumstances. Missionary life continues to proclaim the Word of God for the good of all, while respecting the peoples’ cultures. The Holy Spirit, always at work, will reach out to hearts. As stated in Psalm 1:3, That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.

Indeed, the summer season gives us the opportun­ity to admire the beauty of nature and to deepen the daily life that presents itself to us. In her writ­ing, Nicole invites us to a deep reflection on our life: to go back to the roots of our life, to look at our own history, to oxigenate us with the breath of hope, to live a luminous spirituality. So, let us dare to respond to this disruptive voice that comes to seek us inside.

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