From 2023-01-12 to 2023-02-12

Migrants and refugees

Prayer for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Lord, Father of all people of all cultures and origins,

Look at our world separated by borders, torn by wars,

disfigured by hunger and injustice, divided by our fears and prejudices.


So many migrants wander in search of a better future.

In Jesus Christ, you came to raise up humanity,

you have sown friendship and trust in our hearts,

you have shown us the way to share and to meet,

you opened our eyes to recognize each other as brothers and sisters,

you reminded us that everyone is precious in your eyes.


Fill our hearts with your Holy Spirit,

so that we may live as your children

united in the diversity of our cultures.

May your kingdom come, a kingdom of peace

of justice and brotherhood

for all the peoples of the earth.