August 2015

From 2015-08-15 to 2015-09-15

A Precious booklet

After the Sisters left, I leafed through the precious booklet once again with my mother. Then she said to me: If you wish, I will put your lovely booklet in a safe place and give it back to you once you 're grown up. lt was hard for me to part with it, but I agreed ... However, I followed my mother as she took my treasure to that safe place. My booklet landed in my father's drawer chest, under a pile of handkerchiefs. From then on, when my mother was away, I would go and pay a visit to my little Chinese friends. I had to do it quickly, sort of secretly. Climbing on a chair, I would reach in for my booklet, and then put everything neatly back in place. Once a year, the M.I.C. Sisters came and talked to us about the children of China. The link between the booklet and the visit of the missionaries continued all along my elementary school grades. At the age of 15, the call became more and more pressing, and I asked my mother's permission to go and join the Missionaries of the lmmaculate Conception. Her assent did not come very easily... Now I understand why.

I was19 when I  entered the  Novitiate, on August  8,  1942. During my years  of formation  in  religious  life,  my  dream  continued  to  grow.  ln 1945, an  amazing proposal was made to me: We are thinking of you  for the mission  of China. Given the explosive situation in Asia at that time,  my departure was postponed. I had to wait nearly 20 years before leaving for Taiwan.  I  spent 32 years among my Chinese friends  in Taiwan and in Hong Kong.  I  worked  especially  with little ones in kindergarten,  in Guanshi. I  always paid great attention to what went on in the secrecy of their hearts ... I  especially  think of Chen Yung Yi, that little boy who  liked so much to come  and  pray  in our chapel ... Led step  by step to the Christian faith, he is a priest today.

When  I   recall  those  memories ,  I   am  filled  with  wonderment   and  gratitude.  The simple visit of two Missionary Sisters helped me to find my way in life.

Sister Jeannette died in Pont-Viau in 2012. She was 90 years old.