December 2016

From 2016-12-11 to 2016-12-24

Advent Third Sunday

Jesus, this year, help me to have that longing. Help me to feel it in my heart and be aware of the hunger and thirst in my own soul. Deep down, I know there is something missing in my life, but I can’t quite reach for it. I can’t get what is missing.

I know it is about you, Jesus. You are not missing from my life, but I might be missing the awareness of all of the places you are present there.

Be with me, my dear friend. Guide me in these weeks to what you want to show me this Advent. Help me to be vulnerable enough to ask you to lead me to the place of my own weakness, the very place where I will find you the most deeply embedded in my heart, loving me without limits.

From 2016-12-08 to 2016-12-24


God gave a star

And by its light displayed

a path for wandering shepherd folk to see

A Saviour child, unknown to millions heedless of the destiny

Of a soundless infant in repose,

Lying in a stall, in swaddling clothes.

God gave a song;

And angel legions sang the haunting phrases of a melody

That never ends and lifted from a tiny town’s obscurity

A boy child born in a mound of hay

To give a waiting world its Christmas Day.

From 2016-12-03 to 2016-12-24

Advent Second Sunday

Make ready a pathway for our God!
Let us cleanse our hearts and clean out our minds!

Center yourself in the love of God.
Let us know that we are his children.

Focus on the one who comes to love us.
Let us prepare a place in our hearts and our homes.

Set the table and light the candles.
For Christ is coming!