March 2016

From 2016-03-28 to 2016-04-14

An Easter Carol

                Bud, Fig and Vine,
Bud, Olive, fat with fruit and oil and wine.

                Break forth this morn
In roses, thou but yesterday a Thorn.

                Uplift thy head,
O pure white Lily through the Winter dead.

                Beside your dams
Leap and rejoice, you merry-making Lambs.

                All Herds and Flocks
Rejoice, all Beasts of thickets and of rocks.

                Sing, Creatures, sing,
Angels and Men and Birds and everything.

                All notes of Doves
Fill all our world: this is the time of loves.

       - Christina G. Rossetti

From 2016-03-27 to 2016-04-10

Living God

Living God,
long ago, faithful women
proclaimed the good news
of Jesus' resurrection,
and the world was changed forever.
Teach us to keep faith with them,
that our witness may be as bold,
our love as deep,
and our faith as true. Amen.

Creator of the universe,
you made the world in beauty,
and restore all things in glory
through the victory of Jesus Christ.
We pray that, wherever your image is still disfigured
by poverty, sickness, selfishness, war and greed,
the new creation in Jesus Christ may appear in justice, love, and peace,
to the glory of your name. Amen.


From 2016-03-22 to 2016-04-03

World Water Day



Access to safe water is one of the most efficient ways to support individual and collective development. However, water projects can fail due to the absence of an integrated approach. Problems can range from inappropriate initial design to broken pumps, no maintenance training and contaminated water points resulting from lack of sanitation facilities and unhealthy hygiene practices. To prevent and help solve these problems, ONE DROP™ has developed the unique A∙B∙C for Sustainability™ intervention approach, a winning combination of strategic and operational initiatives designed to address sustainable access to safe water.

To achieve true long-term sustainability, simply providing access to water is not enough; we believe in the combined power of providing access to safe water while inspiring behavioral change towards water and proper hygiene practices by creating a lasting understanding through social arts. By touching an emotional chord within communities, you can truly impact people and help change unhealthy behaviors. These are the essential conditions needed to enable communities to break the cycle of poverty. Our award-winning approach builds on communities’ existing cultures and beliefs, using culture-centric art forms to ignite a spirit of involvement and ownership. This allows people to feel enabled, energized and empowered.

Providing infrastructure adapted to communities’ needs and increasing awareness of sound hygiene habits are the kinds of community support that are essential for enabling people to achieve self-reliance. With this goal in mind, we bring together local leaders, organizations and citizens to empower people through active participation in our projects. Water committees are created to ensure infrastructures stay operational and become an integral part of community life. By developing easy-to-maintain, water-access solutions that meet their needs, and by providing the proper training, we protect all stakeholders. Our interventions take an average of five years of work in the field, because creating long-term, sustainable change takes time. Better health, better food, better sanitation, better incomes—they can all happen right now.