May 2016

From 2016-05-14 to 2016-05-31


The first Pentecost, according to Pope Francis, “does not remain only limited to that moment, but is an event that is renewed and renews itself again. Christ, glorified at the right (hand) of the Father, continues to realize His promise. The Holy Spirit teaches us, reminds us and lets us speak with God and with men. There are no muted Christians, mute of soul; no, there is no place for this.”

The Pope noted that the work of the Spirit is something “we have all experienced.”  It is not only the speech of prayer that the Holy Spirit gives us,  but also  fraternal  dialogue and prophecy,  helping us  to “speak with friendship, with  tenderness,”  as  “humble  and docile channels,” for  the Word of God.

With the help of the Spirit, we are able to interpret interior inspirations and life events in the light of Jesus’ words.  It is not only the knowledge of memory, knowledge of a grateful heart, which is a gift of the Spirit that will grow within us. More importantly, His presence will lead us on to new paths for the mission.  Pope Francis further invites us to remember that the Holy Spirit is the interior Teacher guiding us “along the right path, throughout the situations of life.”

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide each one of us as we witness to others the joy and hope of the Gospel in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Happy Feast of Pentecost !

Délia Regidor, m.i.c.

From 2016-04-21 to 2016-05-31


This year, the celebration had a special character as the first Syrian family welcomed to Quebec participated in it, i.e. the parents and their two young children.  These people are Catholic and seemed very happy to be with us.  They were accompanied by their sponsoring family.  Needless to say that the media were there to meet them.  The celebration continued in the church basement in a warm and beautiful fraternal atmosphere.

As the year 2016 kicked off, Srs. Monette Ouellette and Lilianne Pelletier spent these weeks welcoming the two Syrian families sponsored by the parish.  Fr. Bériault, o.p., is their partner at the same time as he attends to the private sponsorship of a third Syrian family provided by the Dominican Fathers.  The two rental apartments having been found, it is now time for cleaning..., shopping..., moving furniture..., etc.  Fortunately, they are helped by volunteers whose heart is fully devoted to the task.  When will those families arrive?  Probably a few weeks from now;  the committee will find out the moment of their arrival 48 hours beforehand... they will have to be ready! 

Quebec City

From 2016-04-14 to 2016-05-31


Later, Sr. Virginia joins a group of representatives from other congregations to celebrate the Eucharist, attend a program organized by the inmates and distribute gifts to the residents of the National Women Correctional Institution.  Each local community in the archdiocese of Manila was asked by the Association of Women Religious in the Archdiocese of Manila (AWRAM) to bring their share of goods to be given as gifts to the inmates. The contents of each bag were meticulously specified to avoid “war” among the recipients for any difference that they discover in the gifts given to them such as the number, the size and quality of the goods.  There has been a precedent to this in the past – for this reason the organizers make sure that everything given to the inmates are exactly the same.  

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