August 2016

From 2016-08-18 to 2016-09-18


From 2016-08-08 to 2016-09-08

Chinese Catholic Communities

Ministry among Chinese Catholic Communities in Ottawa and Toronto

The Toronto Fountain of Love and Life, a Canadian Catholic TV Station invited Sr. Cecilia for an interview on the importance of pre-marital preparation. She shared some important elements that young couples need to pay attention to before they make their final marital commitment. She encouraged young people to follow the advice of Pope Francis to prepare well their marriage so that they will have no regrets later on.

Sister gave two more retreats at the Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church to over 130 parishioners in Cantonese and 80 in Mandarin. Young and old were all eager to hear more about God and deepen their faith. Even elderly in their 80s and 90s came in with their walkers. Their seriousness about learning how to forgive was admirable.

Sister was deeply grateful to the two Parish priests for their invitations and organizations of these events and the collaboration of our Hong Kong Past Students of Good Hope and Tak Oi that made her new pastoral ministry with Toronto Chinese Catholic Communities possible and fruitful.

Mother House Outremont

From 2016-08-05 to 2016-09-10

Mangyans Alangans

Economically: They have now electricity and produce two crops a year of rice and corn. They are also negotiating with the Department of Environment and Natural resources about the terms and conditions of the project ‘Reforestation of their ancestral domain’. They have accepted from the National Housing Authority, 100 units of simple housing.

Politically: Their request for separate voting precincts was granted by the Commission on Elections so that they can control and monitor the Mangyans without the intervention of the lowlanders during election time.

Socially and culturally: From the Department of Social Welfare and Development, they provide feeding for pre-school children. From the Department of Health, they have check-ups once a month, free referrals to the Provincial Hospital.

Religiously: The number of baptized Catholics have increased due to their effort to recruit more lay ministers for the small chapels constructed by the community of Mangyans themselves always under the supervision of the Parish Priest of Sta. Cruz.

After her brief visit to the Mangyans, Sr. Lilia Frondoza came home to Manila with several gifts, a sign of gratitude for all that the MICs’ have shared with them.

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