April 2017

From 2017-04-18 to 2017-04-08

Empowerment of the Girl-child

Some meaningful presentations were performed by the students.  The representatives of MANOS UNIDAS were pleased and impressed by those young women who expressed  their need for a better education. Srs. Ruth Nyalazi and Shyness Mary Cent were the animators of the day.

Girl-education in Zambia is a challenge as many do not succeed in their final exams, ending up opting for early marriages. For us MIC Sisters, we are proud to be part of this empowerment program as it has always been at the heart of the congregation to raise the plight of the girl-child for a better life today and tomorrow. The Human and Spiritual Development Center is committed to offer this space of transformation for the girl-child.

From 2017-04-18 to 2017-05-08

Reaching out to Seminarians

Later she returned to Mzuzu where she met the Aspirants  of St. John of God Brothers whom she invited to develop some self-knowledge with a special focus on living Human Sexuality as celibate persons.    These young men are looking forward to knowing themselves better and to owning their human sexuality as an energy for loving relationships as they desire to dedicate their lives to God.   

Classes for the Counseling   program at Saint John of God College of Health Sciences are now over for 2016 school year but Sr. Huguette, with some colleagues are now working during the school break on the review of the Curriculum Program for the University Certificate and Diploma in Counseling and starting to develop the program for years 3 and 4 towards the Baccalaureate of Arts, Psychosocial Counseling.

Mzimba Malawi, Chronicles

From 2017-04-15 to 2017-04-27

Empty Tomb

Our life is a journey. We need to strive constantly to remain confi­dent and from day to day, to live in hope and to share that hope with others.

Jesus relentlessly filled the eyes and hearts of His disciples with hope through images and parables.  He talked of lilies of the field and of birds in the sky relying on Divine Providence.  He referred to mustard seeds and fig trees to speak of the Kingdom of God.  He led His followers to acquire a positive outlook on people and events.  Among countless other examples, Gospel narratives disclose to us how He admired the faith of the Roman centurion, observed and commented on the generosity of the widow who gave all that she owned and perceived in the Samaritan woman her thirst for God...

Today, Jesus' attitude toward life and people continues to inspire men and woman of all nations.  Confident in His love and trusting in His word, they joyfully choose to commit themselves to proclaim His Good News. Christians everywhere are responding to the call to breathe life into the world and to speak a word of love to seekers. This they do in the way they relate with others and in giving wit­ness to the Good News with their lives.