August 2017

From 2017-08-04 to 2017-09-05

The God of Long Journeys

We could say that these three human beings were nomads… somewhat like God in the Bible who walked with His People in the desert and who made known to David that he preferred journeying with His People rather than dwell in a house (2 Samuel 7: 1.17). These three pillars of humanity were like the Father who runs toward His wayward son or like the shepherd who goes out to search for the lost sheep.


Though they walked long distances, Buddha, Socrates, Jesus stopped to replenish. They had faithful friends and supporters who would offer them a place to rest, to reflect, to renew; food was offered to sustain them in their walk. Keeping away from honors and riches, they lived a simple life, always in motion, always on the road—their attention was focused on the other. These three sages were in the world yet they were able to be detached from it so as to remain awakened, attentive and conscious. The walk is a symbol of my life, of my priorities, of my wisdom. I am shaped by the walk, I am fashioned by it. I think of the snail as it moves slowly across the ground and seems to admire every little twig it crosses on the way; it knows how to protect itself and how to stay alive. In contrast, I then think of the modern man who “twenty-four seven” is so taken up with his personal affairs and his appearance, always competing, unconscious of humanity’s future, speeding along as though there is no tomorrow.

You are the God of long journeys…You are the God who walks our roads to meet us and accompany us. You are the Light in our lives that helps us through our dark and turbulent nights. You are the Light that opens us to freedom. This song, written by Noel Colombier, describes very well our God as a nomad, a wanderer, a God who walks to meet us on the Emmaus road, to question us, to reflect with us and keep us out of our grave. This God is capable of lifting up the weak, the depressed, the bored, the narrow minded and help them walk again… He counts on us, His disciples, His witnesses, to show them the Way, to get them to walk again freely with ease, alleviating from them all anxieties.

From 2017-08-02 to 2017-09-01

Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission

This was followed by the Centennial Mass concelebrated by 6 priests in three languages: English, French and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). Right after Mass, there was a festival parade dance of the golden dragon and two beautiful lions forming a procession of priests, religious and parishioners moving slowly across China Town from the Church to the Chinese Centre.

This was followed by a Chinese banquet dinner where more performance was shown by different ages. At the end of the performance, Sr. Cecilia Hong presented to Fr. Joseph Liu a replica painting of Venerable Delia Tetreault and her two companions and children in the name of Sr. Michelle Payette, Provincial Superior who was unable to attend the celebration. This was a replica of the painting in the Chapel of Immaculate Conception at the Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupre. Sr. Celia Chua also presented our centennial book: Women Without Frontier to Fr. Joseph Liu as a souvenir of the relatedness of our history during the past 100 years. Sr. Cecilia assured them of the continual support of the MIC Sisters.

The celebration ended with cutting of the huge 100th Birthday cake! Happy Birthday Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission! Blessings to all those who worked at this vineyard!

 Ceciclia Hong, m.i.c.

From 2017-08-01 to 2017-08-31

Our Dream for the Mission


With the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

we want to live a family spirit that binds us

in joy and in pain,

where loneliness and insecurity find a safe and warm place,

where our pain and gifts are understood and accepted,

where compassion abides.

I succeed, we succeed; I fail, we fail; I rejoice, we rejoice!

Then, our hearts filled with joy and confidence,

we will with faith leave the familiar path

and tread the unfamiliar, knowing our family surrounds us.

A family that heeds our fears

and recognises the seeds of the hidden treasure.

It looks not on my accomplishments

It looks at my inner being

This is where it feels like home forever…


What better way of living the Good News

within and across frontiers!

It is our life that matters most, not what we can do.

Despite the brokenness that we come with on this holy ground,

a precious treasure awaits to be shared…

the fullness of God`s love lies here.

Within this treasure lies the richness of our being

and the ability to share the Good News.

To every age, people and nation our hearts want to reach,

in every situation our hearts want to open,

hearts wherein each oone of you has helped to sow seeds,

seeds of hope, trust and acceptance

This heart become whole again and again,

become broken again and again…

Yet God`s love abides always!

From the ashes of our failures and hearts longings,

the Lord creates anew.

What better way of making Him known

than to sing His goodness for ever

with our life, with our being!


Thank you, Gracias, Merci, notre Père pour le cadeau de la vie

Nous voulons donner notre vie pour la mission au service de ton peuple

Aide-nous à rester fidèle à laisser nos cœurs se remplir de joie

pour chanter sans cesse la chanson de l`amour

Pour le monde avec notre vie,

Pour gravir le sommet des collines et franchir les montagnes

Nous grandissons ensemble dans l`amour en famille dans la fraternité


MIC Scholastics... our work brought into poetry and prayer