September 2017

From 2017-09-29 to 2017-10-15

On vacation

Others prefer reading :  the swing is there and the long chairs on the porch awaiting them.  Ah ! there are also picture puzzles and videos to occupy them in the evening or on rainy days.  Finally, one can find everything to help relax and rebuild our strength in such amenities as comfortable beds, strolls along the lakeside and even the Mass on Sundays.

Let us thank the Lord who gives us this place and the community that grants us what many mothers wish, without being able to have it.  Thanks also to those who prepare the meals, clean the house and drive us where we need to go.                             

Gisèle Vachon, M.I.C., vacationer

From 2017-09-23 to 2017-10-22

Canadian Chinese Catholic Living Camp

Five priests, two deacons and one seminarian and one Chinese Sister who just arrived from China three months ago and myself accompanied the group of over 160 youth. The Speaker of the Conference was Fr. Hansoo Antonio Park a dynamic Korean preacher. They youth were dynamic and open in sharing their faith and life experiences. 30 years ago Sr. Cecilia had accompanied Ottawa youth to ECCCLC several times but at that time the youth were mainly from Hong Kong. These youth from the past have become excellent parents, leaders and faithful Catholics. Today, the face of the youth have changed. Half of the participants are from Mainland China and are Mandarin speaking. Their thirst for God and for deeper faith were uplifting! The Church is alive because of these vibrant youth who continues to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

From 2017-09-06 to 2017-09-30

You Are My Witnesses

Having worked in Lima, Peru, I often came across sick and elderly people who

lived in extreme poverty, and inhumane conditions. Courageously, they struggled for survival while reaching out to others. Here, I think of Isabel, a young woman of 40 who, at the age of 18, suffered an accident. Her legs amputated, she managed to go around within her vicinity thanks to a wheel chair, bringing a helping hand wherever needed. Full of life, Isabel never gave up in the face of suffering. She was a witness to hope, that virtue dwelling within her. Her courage revitalized my own faith and my missionary commitment. But how can someone witness to God’s love when physical illness or age has taken over?

Suffering—in union with the suffering Christ

Trials and hardships are unique experiences that can lead us to a deep communion with Jesus. It was He who said: Father, if you will, take this cup of suffering away from me.

However, not my will but your will be done. Lk 22:42 This ‘letting-go’ brings about peace in one’s heart; self-pity is transformed into a Source of Love. Faith does not eliminate pain, but it links us to Christ’s redeeming sufferings.

Faith assures us that it is in God’s power to draw good out of evil; to trust gives meaning to life. Among those who have suffered great hardships, many can say that their faith has brought them hope and serenity in times of trial. Notwithstanding our physical limitations, the Lord calls each one of us to be active, to reach-out with whatever strength and talents we still possess. Each individual is a precious collaborator in Christ’s redeeming work.

Is this not your mission to become a witness to God’s Presence and Love in your life; a Presence that has penetrated all the fibres of your being. Through prayer you can enter into dialogue with God. Speak to the Lord of your sorrows, your hopes, your concerns for your loved ones; thank the Divine Physician and offer Him all your being—this is prayer and it is a way of witnessing to your faith, since it reveals your secret relationship with the God of Love.

Without fear, tell your story. Yes, your faith-filled history might awaken the source of faith in others. Someone might be waiting for your message.

By Michelle Payette, m.i.c.