October 2018

From 2018-10-28 to 2018-11-28

From 2018-10-28 to 2018-12-02

What is Your Song ?

Welcome is my second song

 Year after year I welcome families and groups of people who enjoy apple picking in my orchards and who take delight in choosing my best pumpkins. Nature lovers walk in my wooded areas and admire my lovely decor while collecting my wild berries. I love to see all those people who come for picnics in my colorful forests. Every year they hear my call.

 The summer season is the one who prepared me for this maturity and delightful beauty. I invite you all to take time to visit me, to experience the ebb and flow of life. Come admire the richness of our land, I take pleasure in welcoming each one of you.


 November says:

 Gratitude is my only song

 I come after the most colorful season. The bright colors of autumn are fading; the leaves are making their final descent. My nature seems to be dying; however, you must look beyond my appearance. Moments of death are promises of life to come—transformation is taking place. Theilhard de Chardin understood me very well when he wrote his Hymn of the Universe/Mass on the World.

Dusk time comes rather early. I invite you to move into your inner self—ponder the part of your life that feels fulfilled, somewhat like my autumn harvest. This moment is the perfect time to self-reflect, to adore, to be thankful for what has been, for what is, and for what will be. Though invisible, this is the guarantee for a wholesome personal spiritual growth. This is my wealth… it is unique and I am most grateful.


December says:

Thanksgiving is also my first song…

OH! The first snow is falling! Finally, we see some light… the tender fragile snowflakes cover my soil. For how long will the snow stay on the ground? Children gather outside to feel my texture… it is winter! It is my first gift to mother earth. But for the adults, I am generally seen otherwise. They know well the challenges of this mysterious season and already they dream of spring time.

What is hidden beneath that white coat which covers the earth? Renewal! My soil needs time to pause and have its spent energy renewed. Of course, not many people like my chilling winds and snowflakes, my bone freezing temperatures, my terror-inducing blizzards, the life-threatening car accidents. However, thanksgiving is nevertheless my song, why?

Look at the hopeful people whose jobs consist in snow removal, who clear household pathways and garage entrances. What a relief to have such workers who help people get to work on time. Look at those who enjoy skating, skiing, bobsleighing. My season is long, and when my snowflakes fall I give thanks because even though my nature appears dead and void of movement, there is quiet growth taking place.

I have another motive to be thankful... While light is giving way to darkness, another LIGHT comes to brighten our darkness. Love Incarnate came as Light radiating compassion, a Torch bearing truth, a Beacon offering guidance. A Savior has been given to us and I love to celebrate His birth.

All this happens at a time when nature seems lifeless, yet piercing through this lifelessness we discover LIFE. Sent by the Father, the Savior is announced by the angels, welcomed by the shepherds and recognized in a manger, symbol of His gift to us and prefiguring His words: Take and eat, this is my body (Mt 26:26).

I consider myself as being the most important month in your agenda; of course, this is so only if you have discovered the Essential, the Emmanuel among us. My season is truly one of thanksgiving, a time to sing glory and praise to the Holy One, the Savior.

The last months of the year have expressed themselves; they have described their realities, their respective pride in what they have to offer us. It is up to us now to capture their message from within and together join in their hymn of praise and thanksgiving as we consider the beauty, the grandeur, the tenderness, the love and even the suffering which is inevitable in our daily life. The heart stores memories, the seasons invite us to ponder upon each month of the year and in so doing recall Antoine de St-Exupéry’s statement: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Léonie Therrien, m.i.c.


From 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-28

Provincial Council

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