September 2018

From 2018-09-19 to 2018-10-27

When Fiction Becomes Reality


For many years, the world was for me a striking sequence of statistics and accumulated facts. Cultural differences did not yet appear to me clearly except in mathematical terms. As I came in contact with people from other regions of the world, questions set in my mind and I wanted to know more.

Fiction was transformed into reality. Universal brotherhood/sisterhood took on a concrete dimension and was developed by way of choral singing, taking Spanish courses, learning Hispanic dances, working as a volunteer at a women’s centre, going on trips farther away from home and for a longer period of time, always in the pursuit of knowing better the “other”.

Having returned to my homeland “my Quebec”, I now see the social movement in colours, as would say Nelson Mandela referring to South Africa. Today’s Quebec is a mosaic made up of ethnic colours, with a variety of cultures and a wealth of human resources.


Plunge into the fray

Are Quebecers indifferent to this social change? They cannot be, unless they close their eyes to a reality and live in seclusion. I truly believe that certain persons ignore the new arrivals and their identities. Culture differences are apprehended. Some observe from a distance, without getting involved. However, it is time to become acquainted with a new reality that surrounds us with its multiculturalism.

The majority of people are willing to tend a helping hand to the immigrant and often try to meet the new neighbour. At times, a pretext has to be found or an occasion be revoked to begin a dialogue in all honesty. Quebec needs immigrants to assure her future. All persons, no matter where they are from, can greatly contribute in building a just and more fraternal world.


By Marie Brassard

MIC Mission News | AUTUMN 2007


From 2018-08-20 to 2018-09-19

The Gateway to Know, to Love and to Serve Mary, Mother of Jesus

  • The International Marian Research Institute was established in 1975 at the University of Dayton in affiliation with the Pontifical Theological Faculty in Rome. 
  • The Marian Library is recognized both nationally and internationally as a center for scholarship on the Blessed Virgin Mary. It serves the research needs of faculty and students of the International Marian Research Institute, the broader University of Dayton community and visitors worldwide. It also documents the diverse expressions of popular devotion to Mary, and it provides public outreach through its exhibits, tours and reference services.

From 2018-08-15 to 2018-09-27



Not only the super powers must act, but as citizens of the world we also have a responsibility. To cross our arms and do nothing is to be an accomplice in the shameful and irreversible crime we are actually committing. We will never repeat it enough—each little action counts. Of course, we must recycle, compost, reduce our dependence on fossil energy sources, consume local products, eat less meat, avoid wasting hot water and electricity, etc. All these small acts bring us closer to the common goal which is to preserve our planet, but these will be insufficient if not accompanied by daily awareness and rational efforts. Choices we make every day such as: the shops or stores we buy from, the products we use, the trademarks and clothing labels we look for, are choices that support practices of certain enterprises, therefore to buy is to vote. Each convinced individual represents dozens even hundreds of votes sent in the same direction. No matter where we are—at work, at school, at home each individual action has a repercussion; those persons who have at heart the ecological cause dare take giant steps towards building a different world, a different future for humanity. Keeping in mind the fragility of our planet, they strive for the environmental balance and its preservation.

It’s in everybody’s interest.



Our Blue Planet is a sacred heritage. It is a gift from heaven and we must preserve it. To achieve our goal there is no miracle solution. We must conquer our ego, our individualism, our chronic wait-and-see policy; instead we must favor mutual aid, develop a conscious awareness and love for the people who are around us. Basically, it’s a question of love. Do we love our planet enough to prevent its destruction? Do we love nature enough to save it from irreversible harm? Do we love our children enough and the future generations to leave them a world that is pleasant to live in?

Let us love one another. Let us act and act now.

Emilien Roscanu