October 2019

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When Fiction Becomes Reality


For many years, the world was for me a striking sequence of statistics and accumulated facts. Cultural differences did not yet appear to me clearly except in mathematical terms. As I came in contact with people from other regions of the world, questions set in my mind and I wanted to know more.

Fiction was transformed into reality. Universal brotherhood/sisterhood took on a concrete dimension and was developed by way of choral singing, taking Spanish courses, learning Hispanic dances, working as a volunteer at a women’s centre, going on trips farther away from home and for a longer period of time, always in the pursuit of knowing better the “other”.

Having returned to my homeland “my Quebec”, I now see the social movement in colours, as would say Nelson Mandela referring to South Africa. Today’s Quebec is a mosaic made up of ethnic colours, with a variety of cultures and a wealth of human resources.


Plunge into the fray

Are Quebecers indifferent to this social change? They cannot be, unless they close their eyes to a reality and live in seclusion. I truly believe that certain persons ignore the new arrivals and their identities. Culture differences are apprehended. Some observe from a distance, without getting involved. However, it is time to become acquainted with a new reality that surrounds us with its multiculturalism.

The majority of people are willing to tend a helping hand to the immigrant and often try to meet the new neighbour. At times, a pretext has to be found or an occasion be provoked to begin a dialogue in all honesty. Quebec needs immigrants to assure her future. All persons, no matter where they are from, can greatly contribute in building a just and more fraternal world.

 by Marie Brassard

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