June 2019

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The above three great masters of life do not propose automatic happiness but an eventual realization of self. We have much to learn from them before reaching an authentic dialogue with others. In its dialogue with other religions and Asian philosophies, what can the Church learn?

1-From the Muslims, the Church can learn to pray, fast and give alms.

2-From the Hindus, the Church can learn to meditate and contemplate.

3-From the Buddhists, the Church can learn to be detached from material goods and attain respect for all living things.

4-From Confucianism, the Church can learn filial devotion and respect for the elders.

5-From Taoism, the Church can learn simplicity and humility.

6-From Animists, the Church can learn profound respect for nature and gratitude for the harvest.

It seems clear that for the Church in Asia, the mission route today is dialogue and collaboration between the religions and philosophies. The Churches can see themselves as copilgrims on the road towards the Kingdom of God.

Two questions are therefore asked:

Do members of these religions accept and welcome collaborating? What do they wish to receive from the Catholic religion?

What can they learn from us, Catholics?

This is the question I ask you today.


M-P Sanfaçon

From 2019-05-27 to 2019-06-15

The seasons of our lives

Then winter, cold and bare as nature takes stock rests, unwinds, sleeps until the time is  right.  An endless cycle and yet a perfect model.  We need a winter in our lives  a time of rest, a time to stand still  a time to reacquaint ourselves  with the faith in which we live.
It is only then that we can draw strength  from the one in whom we are rooted take time to grow and rise through the darkness  into the warm glow of your springtime  to blossom and flourish  bring colour and vitality into this world your garden.

Thank you Father  for the seasons of our lives.

- Author Unknown