May 2020

From 2020-05-29 to 2020-06-29


With the help of the Spirit, we are able to interpret interior inspirations and life events in the light of Jesus’ words.  It is not only the knowledge of memory, knowledge of a grateful heart, which is a gift of the Spirit that will grow within us. More importantly, His presence will lead us on to new paths for the mission.  Pope Francis further invites us to remember that the Holy Spirit is the interior Teacher guiding us “along the right path, throughout the situations of life.”

The power of the Holy Spirit will set our hearts afire as He did to Mary and the apostles on the first Pentecost!  

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide each one of us as we witness to others the joy and hope of the Gospel in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Happy Feast of Pentecost !


From 2020-05-28 to 2020-06-08



In Scripture, many persons relied on the call heard from above: Abraham left his country; Moses accomplished a mission that was out of his reach; the apostles, simple fishermen, witnessed their faith in Jesus Christ and even died for Him. What about the Samaritan woman who became a missionary and Mary, the one who believed, the mother of God?



A good number of people still hear the call and act upon it; they dare dedicate themselves for others in a variety of volunteer services. Some opt to consecrate their entire life to follow the Lord more closely; are these not the FOOLS OF GOD? They walk counter-current in a world that is dominated by performance and productivity. So, what exactly motivates the believers to be different? What gives them a feeling and the courage to BE for others? Why leave all behind to go and serve even beyond frontiers? Could it be that their motivation comes from the love of God who identifies himself in the neighbour:

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. (Mt. 25.40) Do they really believe these words? And do you?

I leave you with the suspense of discovering yourself the answer.

From 2020-05-03 to 2020-05-23

The Rainbow

This is why, one fine morning, the spring, the brook, the lake and the river received the same invitation: 'II shall expect you at my place on Sunday, at the crack of dawn.” signed, your Father.

For the occasion, they donned their most beautiful colours.

In spite of the warm greeting of the Creator, there was some uneasiness in facing the unknown, the other's différence.

Invited by God to share their experiences, their dreams and even their fears and difficulties, they came to the realization that everywhere there were days filled with sunshine and storms that were, at times, quite violent.  Gradually, their differences which seemed at first to divide and even oppose them to one another, became strength and richness.  Discovering this gave them a better appreciation of their own colour.

Each one marveled at the other's beauty.  They discovered together how differ­ent, but also how similar they were.

They felt the beginnings of an immense desire for communion.  Attentive to the least sign of life, they discovered within themselves a space in which the loving presence of their Father could unite them beyond their diversity.

Having been ennobled and made richer by the solidarity which they had started to build, they savoured the joy of living together "in His sight and in Love".

God then went away for a moment to prepare the minutes of the meeting.  In a gesture of love, He put together the colours of His children: yellow, the generous and wise colour of the spring, orange, the joyful and gratuitous colour of the brook, red, the  courageous colour of the river, blue, the deep and peaceful colour of the lake.

He added the green of their hope and the indigo of their sharing.  He also brushed in some purple for their sorrows and difficulties.

When He returned to them, He opened His arms and a magnificent rainbow sprang from His hands and spread before them.  They were stunned at the sight of such beauty.  Little by little, each one recognized its own colour in this arc of many hues and understood that one colour alone cannot make up a rainbow.

What was growing in them was something so strong and so great; too strong and too great to be treasured selfishly.  By common accord, God and His children made a covenant which would attest forever the bond of love that united them.

They knew that, from then on, their waters would sing forever thanksgiving to the end of the world.

At the risk of losing everything, they had to go and share it.  This gift was also a mission.

"From every tribe, every tongue, every people and nation" God wanted to bring a large family together in peace and love.