June 2020

From 2020-06-22 to 2020-07-22

I Shook Hands With God

Personally, I believe there are many others like Mother Teresa and Jean Vanier but little is known about them. Their good deeds never appear as spectacular, the kind that inspires us to change. No, these are the people who simply make little miracles happen every day, without publicizing them worldwide.

On Thanksgiving week-end, I had the joy of meeting this kind of person. He is Jean-Louis Lebel, originally from Montreal, a man in his 60s with an impressive smile, a tender look in his eyes and a gentle voice. Former teacher, who expatriated to Peru, he turned his attention  to the street children who parallel our street gangs. Often orphans, these young boys survive thanks to crime. Jean-Louis, as if born for this special mission, has willingly opted to care for these youngsters and their problems. He first began with one, then two followed by four others. Sixteen years later, more than 100 teen agers are being helped in becoming responsible adults; Jean-Louis works with a team of approximately 40 collaborators.

The CIMA (Integration Centre for Abandoned and Unloved Minors) looks like a permanent summer camp where respect and education are honoured. Love, discipline, sharing and work are all words and realities that are fearlessly promoted and translated into action. It’s in this small Peruvian community that they re-learn how to share and to hope for a better life. The Centre operates, thanks to public charity, from diverse foundations and a great number of individual donors. Jean-Louis and his assistants do not perform miracles; they are…a miracle!

One day, when I shook hands with Jean-Louis Lebel, I truly believed I shook hands with God, for He uses us as His instruments to transmit His Love. If ever you have the opportunity to shake hands with someone who is trying to help another person, you could also say that you are shaking hands…with God.


By Paul-Emile Trudeau


From 2020-06-06 to 2020-06-26

Significant Changes

From 2020-05-29 to 2020-06-29


With the help of the Spirit, we are able to interpret interior inspirations and life events in the light of Jesus’ words.  It is not only the knowledge of memory, knowledge of a grateful heart, which is a gift of the Spirit that will grow within us. More importantly, His presence will lead us on to new paths for the mission.  Pope Francis further invites us to remember that the Holy Spirit is the interior Teacher guiding us “along the right path, throughout the situations of life.”

The power of the Holy Spirit will set our hearts afire as He did to Mary and the apostles on the first Pentecost!  

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide each one of us as we witness to others the joy and hope of the Gospel in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Happy Feast of Pentecost !