August 2020

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Signs in The Church

At PI, we see all the efforts that have been made over the years in the areas of Christian life education, catechesis and in the many projects launched in the dioceses and parishes, including child, youth, and adult ministries. In the university student community, every year we have baptisms of young adults. They’re making a real commitment, for Christian faith is a treasure for them, a heritage of which they have now become the inheritors.

The catechumenate (adult baptism, confirmation and Eucharist) is more alive in Quebec than before. There are also those who discreetly become disciples of Jesus once again; they are known as restarters, those who want to re-adopt the Christian faith anew. There are also centres like Chemin de vie, in Longueil, for those in search of spirituality. Every year, at

‘Le Pèlerin Centre’ several people register for a training course oriented toward spiritual accompaniment for both individuals and groups. The program extends over a period of four years. Well prepared, these adults then offer spiritual guidance to individuals or groups of people from various centres, houses, organizations, and movements.

Another reality is that of groups of associated lay people, or those associated with religious communities. They offer an attachment to a particular spiritual tradition at the same time as membership in fraternal groups and within a broader family. These groups are currently growing. I have mentioned these experiences because for me it’s the best way to think about the future of the Christian faith. Many of these realities are new and none is making much noise; you won’t see them on popular TV talk shows. But all of this is as real as the seeds of good news that Jesus talked about: they don’t look like much, but they produce fruits and become trees (Mk 4: 30-32). He would say: The future is already here; don’t you see it? The future of Christian faith is a gift that goes beyond our predictions, our fears and our hopes!

Daniel Cadrin

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100 years

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