January 2021

From 2021-01-24 to 2021-02-14


Like you, Mary of Nazareth, and you, Délia of Marieville, we marvel at the gratuitousness of our God, the memory of our hearts remembers and we give thanks for so many wonders.

"From now on, all generations will call me blessed, for the Mighty One has done great things for me. May your name be held holy forever." St-Luke Gospel

"Ask the Blessed Virgin to put in your heart the dispositions that filled hers on the great day of the Incarnation." Délia

"Let all of our lives, therefore, through prayer, sacrifice and work, be a perpetual hymn of thanksgiving for ourselves and for all those who forget to thank the One to whom they owe everything. Let us permeate ourselves with this thought, let us live by it and act in such a way as to leave it as a legacy to those who will replace us." Délia

With you, Mary, woman of hope, and you, Délia, woman of the dream, may the Word be made flesh in the fabric of our daily lives, may it touch and transform every fibre of our beings.

May you be blessed, O my God, for:
"You extend your mercy to all generations, your love is revealed to ail the earth.
You scatter the proud and all their plans,
You welcome the cry of the humble and the lowly.
You fill the hungry with good things and dismiss the wealthy empty-handed.
You came to the help of Israel, your servant,
You remember your love." St-Luke Gospel

"Our life is to give ourselves! It is not enough to thank God in words We must also translate our gratitude into actions." Délia

""You are going on a mission to bring the Good News. The one who has good news to tell looks cheerful. You are going out there to bring the best news there is, therefore, you must always be cheerful." Délia

Like you, Mary of the Visitation, and you, Délia the missionary, energized by the joy of the presence of the Risen Christ in our lives, we set out once again on the roads of the world to make the Kingdom visible.

"Charity and Thanksgiving: what marvellous virtues you are going to practice. After the example of Mary, you will have to travel through "mountains and valleys" to assist your dear neighbour, and your lives will, from now on, be nothing but a Long Magnificat." Délia

With you, Mary lmmaculate, and you, Mother Délia, our lives are open in welcome, our hearts allow themselves to be transformed and our whole beings break into a symphony of thanksgiving.

"Magnificat is our favourite hymn. Let our whole lives be a perpetual Magnificat!" Délia

Mary's Magnificat is music to our lives. For so many years, its song has spread over our joys and sorrows and fashioned the way we are and the way we act; but has it really been enfleshed in our daily living ?

This world of ours has an urgent need of joy and hope. A little note is often all that is needed... for a symphony to start, and in between sharps and flats, to make the Kingdom visible from age to age, from culture to culture.

We have been shown the way… Who will engage in it?
The melody has been written… Who will sing it?


From 2021-01-18 to 2021-01-26

Week of prayer for Christians Unity

Abraham heard the call: “Go to the land I will show you.” Like Abraham we are called to leave
that which is familiar and go to the place that God has prepared in the depths of our hearts. Along
the way, we become more and more ourselves, the people God has wanted us to be from the
beginning. And by following the call that is addressed to us, we become a blessing for our loved
ones, our neighbours, and the world.

The love of God seeks us. God became human in Jesus, in whom we encounter the gaze of God.
In our lives, as in the Gospel of John, God’s call is heard in different ways. Touched by his love,
we set out. In this encounter, we walk a path of transformation – the bright beginning of a
relationship of love that is always started anew.

From 2021-01-17 to 2021-01-27

Ash Wednesday Prayer