December 2021

From 2021-11-28 to 2021-12-24


Holy Mary, woman of waiting, ease the pain of mothers suffering for their sons who once left home and never returned, killed in an accident or seduced by the calls of the jungle; scattered by the fury of war or sucked up by the whirlwind of passions; swallowed up by the fury of the ocean or overwhelmed by the storms of life.

Holy Mary, virgin of expectation, give us a watchful soul. Having arrived at the threshold of the third millennium, we unfortunately feel more like sons of the twilight than prophets of the Advent. Sentinel of the morning, awaken in our hearts the passion of fresh news to bring to a world that already feels old. Bring us at last the harp and the zither, so that with you, morning, we may awaken the dawn.

In the face of the changes that shake history, give us to feel on our skin the shivers of the beginnings. Make us understand that it is not enough to welcome, we must wait. Welcoming is sometimes a sign of resignation. Waiting is always a sign of hope. Therefore, make us ministers of waiting. When the Lord comes, O Virgin of Advent, may he surprise us, thanks to your maternal complicity, with the lamp in your hand.

Mgr Tonino Bello

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