March 2021

From 2021-03-29 to 2021-04-04

Holy Thursday

Jesus towards the end of the meal adds two more symbols. He takes a loaf of bread breaks it and gives it to His disciples saying: “Take and eat it, this is my body which is broken for you, do this in remembrance of me.” Then He takes a cup with wine He drinks from it and gives it to His disciples saying: “Drink all of this, for this is my blood which is shed for you and for many for the forgiveness of sin.” Through these words the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is instituted (other accounts are in Matt 26:26, Mk 14:22 and Lk 22:19 also). This is the only sacrifice fully acceptable to the Heavenly Father for the redemption of humankind by which Jesus, who became one of us, is both priest and victim as He offers Himself once and for all for the salvation of the world.

During Last Supper He also instituted the Sacrament of Priesthood, the authority and power to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or the Holy Eucharist. He said: “Do this in memory of me,” (Luke 22:19, 1Cor 11:24). Jesus instituted Priesthood because He wants the Memorial of His passion and death to be relived until the end of time in an unbloody manner. And also, without the priest as the presider the offering of the Holy Eucharist is not possible. And so therefore, the two Sacraments are essentially tied together.

But He rises from table, removes His outer garment, put a towel around Himself, (v. 4) and washes His disciples’ feet. He consciously performs the task of a slave. But not even slaves during that time were asked to wash another person’s feet according to most biblical scholars. The slave would bring a basin with water and a towel but it would be the guest who would wash his own feet. And Jesus, the Son of God and their Lord, does the “lower” than a slave job, He washes His disciples’ feet. Jesus purposely does the feet washing so that the act will make a lasting impression on them. Jesus concludes: “I have given you a model to follow so that as I have done for you, you should also do.” In other words, humble service should characterize all who identify themselves as Christians. The Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP-II) says: “Humble service is one of the last important lessons that our Lord Jesus taught the apostles. And He made it clear during the Last Supper.” This is our response as Catholics after more than 2,000 years of the Birth of Christ on how we act and relate to our world today and the kind of Christian community Jesus wants us to be.

Let us make this memorial of the Lord’s Last Supper a living memory of the Lord in our lives who taught us about humble service.


From 2021-03-29 to 2021-04-04

Good Fryday

As we gaze upon the crucifix in today’s ceremony, let us ask ourselves what it means for us. What is our response to Jesus’ offer of salvation? It is because many of us now, Christians, are leaving our faith in God to a specific time and place. All of us know that this is wrong. It is because our faith must permeate our lives in all aspects and at all times. But how can? Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD in his homily suggests how. He says: “Let us make today’s Good Friday really and truly good by being good and by doing good. Good Friday was not some Friday that happened some 2,000 years ago. Good Friday is today and everyday when we remember with gratitude Jesus’ personal love for us and respond to this love by living a good life that overflows into love of others, especially the ‘little ones.’”

Communion Rite and Adoration (or veneration) of the Cross are part of today’s ceremony of Good Friday.  We adore the cross because it is the special symbol of Christ Himself who is God.  As we gaze at the dead Christ limp on the cross, we look forward to His coming resurrection.

I don’t have anything anymore to say about this event in the life of Jesus because this is it. This is salvation and we are saved by Him. Let us just listen and meditate in silence on the fact that Jesus has died for you and for me. Let us give thanks to God for this gift of His love and resolve to live the fruits of this gift all the days of our lives.

From 2021-03-28 to 2021-04-03

Palm Sunday

Lenten Fact

According to the account of a fifth-century Spanish pilgrim to the Holy Land, Passion Sunday Mass was celebrated in Jerusalem at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. After this the people were invited to meet again in the afternoon at the Mount of Olives, in the Church of Eleona (the grotto of the Our Father). They then proceeded to the Church of the Ascension for a service consisting of hymns and antiphons, readings and prayers, where at five o'clock in the afternoon the Gospel of the palms was read and the procession set out for the city. The people responded to the antiphons with the acclamation, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord," as we say even today.

Lenten Action

A diet of amoral and immoral programs can and will corrupt your values. Do you control the media you watch and listen to?


Lord, you have satisfied our hunger with this eucharistic food. The death of your Son gives us hope and strengthens our faith. May his resurrection give us perseverance and lead us to salvation. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.