July 2021


At present, we are 486 professed Sisters of 17 nationalities in the Institute, we work in 14 countries and have an average age of 75. In training, which includes the postulancy, novitiate and scholasticate, we have about 60 young sisters.

 We are passionately committed to our mission and thus bring the hope and joy of the Gospel to the world.

From 2021-06-21 to 2021-07-21


At the beginning of the last century, Venerable Delia Tétreault understood the importance of this synergy to work with one heart in the service of the Gospel. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, she supported the Bishops of the Canadian Church in the possibility of founding a seminary for foreign missions. Today we are happy to mark the centenary of this foundation by sharing some testimonies of a mission shared together.

In any journey, the important thing is to believe in the goal we want to reach, whether there is a pandemic or difficulties to face, we must move forward, join hands and walk together beyond divisions, racial or political conflicts. God is always at work! To walk according to our convictions, to cling to our dreams despite the social pressures that we may be subjected to from all sides. Say like Carole Guévin: I am here for you! Sowing joy and hope on the path of life. This is what the Priests of the Foreign Missions and the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception try to live every day in the mission that God has in store for them.

Together, we are in solidarity with one another to make our today the work of God.

From 2021-06-03 to 2021-08-27