August 2021

From 2021-08-12 to 2021-09-28

Escale Myriam or Escale Delia


Pierrette Belainsky, m.i.c., tells me: I am convinced that the Lord always gives me the best at the best time. This allows me to welcome new situations with hope and gratitude. Later she added: My new home is for me a sanctuary of the great covenant meeting. My thanks and affection to those in charge.


Sister Clémence Trudel, m.i.c., relates: In my little room, I am well. It is beautiful. I am in thanksgiving. I am very grateful when I see the companions with whom I have lived and worked who, by a simple gesture, continue to show me their affection. There are all those who come to play Scrabble or chat with me. These are the small and big joys of a beautiful and large family with its ups and downs. I havealso learned to wait, to depend on others. Life is not over for you or for me. I am getting ready for the big move or rather the Lord is preparing me for it.


Sister Gabrielle Saucier, m.i.c., whose vitality at 101 years of age is incredible, answers me: I have a sister (Françoise Saucier, m.i.c.) who does everything for me. However, there has been some upheaval. I also have an excellent superior (Gabrielle Duchesne, m.i.c.). She has been a great help in softening the jolts of such an event.

Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire 

With these same nuns, I discussed on this definition of tradition by Mahler: You all speak of a final abode, your last abode. A question comes to mind: how do you understand this definition of tradition or how have you integrated it into your life? S. Gabrielle: I didn’t just preserve the fire, I lit, I rekindled the fire. I helped to keep it in the hearts, in the lives, in the homes of the people I met, whether in Malawi or in Quebec.

Marie Nadia Noël, m.i.c.

From 2021-06-03 to 2021-08-27