February 2022

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At the beginning of the last century, Venerable Delia Tétreault understood the importance of this synergy to work with one heart in the service of the Gospel. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, she supported the Bishops of the Canadian Church in the possibility of founding a seminary for foreign missions. Today we are happy to mark the centenary of this foundation by sharing some testimonies of a mission shared together.

In any journey, the important thing is to believe in the goal we want to reach, whether there is a pandemic or difficulties to face, we must move forward, join hands and walk together beyond divisions, racial or political conflicts. God is always at work! To walk according to our convictions, to cling to our dreams despite the social pressures that we may be subjected to from all sides. Say like Carole Guévin: I am here for you! Sowing joy and hope on the path of life. This is what the Priests of the Foreign Missions and the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception try to live every day in the mission that God has in store for them.

Together, we are in solidarity with one another to make our today the work of God.

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A day placed first of all under the sign of thanksgiving "because it is beautiful and just to thank the Lord for the great gift of consecrated life, which enriches and rejoices the Church with the multiplicity of charisms and the dedication of so many lives totally given to the Lord and to the brethren.

The objective of this day is also to better know and appreciate the consecrated life. In contemplating the gift of consecrated life, the Church contemplates her deepest vocation, that of belonging only to her Lord," John Paul II emphasized. Consecrated life has as its priority mission to keep alive in the Church the historical form of life assumed by the Son of God when he came to this earth.

Finally, this day is an invitation for all consecrated persons "to celebrate together and solemnly the marvels that the Lord has accomplished in them. For this reason they are invited to reflect on the gift they have received, to discover, with an ever purer faith, the radiance of divine beauty diffused by the Spirit in their form of life, to become aware of their incomparable mission in the Church for the life of the world.


The day of consecrated life is celebrated on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple. The presentation of Jesus in the temple, consecrated according to the ritual prescription of the time to the Lord like every first-born boy, announces the gift of Jesus for the love of God and men and the supreme offering of the Cross. This day has therefore a special importance for every consecrated person who, inspired by the overwhelming gift of Christ, aspires in turn to give his or her life and to abandon everything to follow him or her.


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When it was the turn of the rain, the snow and the wind, the supply of colours seemed to have been completely used up. The snow remained colourless. That is why the woods and the fields stayed covered under a thick layer of transparent snow in the springtime. The animals were very hungry, because although the seeds were visible beneath the colourless snow, they could not reach them.

Because of harsh conditions God felt sorry for the plants and the animals and told the snow that it could ask a plant for a colour. The plants refused to cooperate. The yellow catkins of the hazel did not want to part with its pale yellow and the sea buckthorn refused to give up the orange of its berries. The snow refused the red colour in the berries of the guelder rose, because it considered it to be too bright. The snow then became very angry. The wind, which had also not been given colour, joined forces with the snow. Heavy snowstorms lashed the land.

One small flower saw this all going on and felt sorry for the snow. When the colourless snow was resting from the last snowstorm, the little flower called out to the snow that it could have her white colour. The snow thought the white colour was splendid and was so touched by the flower’s offer, that he decided to allow the snowdrop to be the only plant which could blossom in the snow. The flower was so pleased about this, that from then on it called itself the ‘snowdrop’. People have a soft spot for this little plant, because when the snowdrops flower in January and February people know that Spring is on the way.