September 2022

From 2022-09-04 to 2022-10-04

The MIC Spirit in South America

Yes, true to their commitment, the two groups –one in Santiago, the Capital, the other in Ancud, on the Island of Chiloé– still exist and continue meeting on a regular basis. With enthusiasm, they live the spirituality of Thanksgiving which helps them be missionaries in their own milieu. United to the MIC Congregation, they joyfully receive all the communiqués from the provincial superior and respond to all the great Christian and community feasts such as Pentecost, Christmas and Easter.

Now that I am in Bolivia, neighboring country of Chile, I have the joy of visiting, once a year, the two AsMIC groups. It is such a pleasure to meet all those wonderful friends again; people I know well and love. Sister Nancy Campos, who occasionally visits her family in Ancud, also meets with the associates when possible.

It is such a grace to be able to deepen the MIC charism with the Chilean people and to see how committed they are in living and witnessing the Good News in their milieu. It is rewarding to hear about all the good memories they keep of the Sisters and of their apostolate among them. Truly, the missionary spirit of Délia lives on in the Chilean people.

Gisèle Lachapelle, m.i.c.