Our Commitments

The mission today, such as that lived by the M.I.C., offers a rich diversity according to events, perceived calls, new needs and personal talents.  It is very difficult to draw up a complete inventory.  A quick look at the different countries in which we have become integrated will give an idea of the new forms of involvement at the service of people and groups in search of human and spiritual growth.

Sr. Cecilia Hong gave a whole day retreat to Cantonese speaking parishioners of Toronto St. Agnes T.K. Chinese Church. Over 120 people participated despite the cold weather and poor heating system. The theme was on “The Face of Jesus, a Gateway to Grace”. Sr. Cecilia helped them to search the Face of Jesus in themselves and in others. She also highlighted a few unusual cases where Jesus had revealed himself to kids and different people even outside of Christianity, including a Shiite terrorist. Their conversion testimonies helped the retreatants to reflect on their own conversion. The retreat ended with the meditation of the Passion of Christ through the Way of the Cross. Fourteen couples were invited to take turn to carry the Cross. The reflection was an in-depth soul searching experience for all. An elderly man with a walker, offered to carry the Cross too with his wife, it was edifying for all. Everyone stood up to accompany him.  To know more about Cecilia commitments with Chinese Comunity.  


In Canada's multiethnic and pluralistic society, the needs and places of involvement are numerous.That explains why we find M.I.C. in various ministries and services : missionary animation, services for immigrants,catechesis to catechumens, participation in parish and diocesan pastoral ministry,youth ministry, multimedia services, oecumenism, ecology, individual counselling and group sessions for human and spiritual growth,teaching in Universities, French courses to new immigrants, volunteer service for the elderly, home visits to the poor, etc.

Special Mission

Missioners till the end of their life, our elderly sisters remain keenly interested in the work carried out in various countries.A spiritual strength emanates from their life of prayer to sustain the dynamism of the Institute and open hearts to the Gospel.


Vitality in a Tiny Bud - Cuba

Our Passion for Christ’s Mission - Bolivia - Peru

Interview with Cipriana Ccahuana, m.i.c.

Interview with Rosetti Lau, m.i.c.

Interview with Cecilia Mzumara, m.i.c.

MIC collEges

Hong Kong

Good Hope College Hong Kong – Primary Kindergarten


Secondary School


Welcome at Tak Oi



Immaculate Conception Academy  -  Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.




Marymount Secondary School Mzuzu



Institut Mère Délia



Collège Maria de la Providencia



Cochabamba - Bolivia

Institut d'Éducation Rurale